GoWags Team Information

What does being a GoWags coach / player get you?

1. An opportunity to play travel baseball with GoWags certified coaches.


GoWags Certified Coaches:

 Each coach receives a copy of MIND GYM:

 Important Quotes:

"Fear of failure can restrict a player. It can kill him as an individual. If one  continually worries about failing, he will get so tight that he will fail."

"An athletes success is said to depend on four factors. - Physical ability, Physical training, Mental training, and Desire or Drive. The desire to succeed needs to be stronger than the fear of failure."

"What we associate with pleasure we pursue. What we associate with pain we avoid."

Interested in becoming a certified coach click here

2. An opportunity to participate in our very popular Green Light Hitting classes, our pitching classes, and our customized training that will be a part of all classes.
Green Light Hitting Info Here

3. Access to former professional baseball players Kyle Wagner, Bret Wagner, and Billy White as advisors / coaches to your sons development. When it comes to college recruiting, many times it's "WHO YOU KNOW!"

4. Bob Gorinski, Dr. of physical therapy will be available to see your son at NO EXPENSE to you on certain class nights.

***classes will be age specific. Not team specific. We offer 4-5 classes a week from December - March.